THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS have a total combined endowment of approx. DKK 15,5 billion, of which approx. DKK 10,4 billion is placed in a trust. Interest on the trust funds, as well as the foundation’s other income, make up the pool of money the foundation has to distribute as grants.

As the primary shareholder, VILLUM FONDEN receives income from VKR Holding, which is the parent company of a number of companies involved with skylights and facade windows, including VELUX and DOVISTA A/S. In addition to its duties as a charitable organisation, VILLUM FONDEN is, according to its trust deed, responsible for maintaining the financial foundation that can provide VKR Holding and its related companies continued healthy commercial and financial existence.

VELUX FONDEN is not legally tied to VKR Holding or its affiliated companies. VELUX FONDEN has, since its establishment in 1981, regularly received capital injections and grants from VILLUM FONDEN.